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But I'm So Small

But just like Piglet, many of the challenges we face are obstacles we put in our own way. What better opportunity to practice Hurdler’s pose?

Nothing is done...

Even in yoga, a place we go to slow down, we’re enchanted by muscling our way into the big, bold, Instagrammable poses. In last week’s class I wanted to focus on doing less, on just being in a space, even when it’s difficult.

Heart Up

Camel pose, Ustrasana, is one of the poses that I struggle through. My body resists it and my brain really resists it. I blame some scarring Bikram experiences and near pass-outs. However, the idea of creating a firm base and offering up my heart is something I need to feel both in my practice and in my life.

Paradise Found

Last week we worked on Bird of Paradise. This pose is all about finding your center of balance, opening your hamstrings, and lifting your heart.