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Bad Ass Warrior Babes.

Recently, becoming self-employed, an “indulgence” became something different. Rather than a $300 purse, an indulgence became a $4.25 latte more than once a week. When one of my favorite events, Indulge, came around this year I had to seriously think about if I should go. The ticket was $100, I’d have to sub out a class which decreases my income. I love indulge but was it worth the risk? Knowing how I felt following the inaugural event last year, I decided it was worth the risk, worth the splurge, I decided to make it work.

Thank you, Neal

I wrote this while seated at a table in Loose Park, where they sketched out the idea that would change the lives of so many. It’s eighteen days shy of the one year anniversary of a meeting I had like theirs. Where I sat at a table, knowing that an industry I’m passionate about has room to change, believing I could be part of the solution. I never would have believed Mind + Matter was possible without them, I wouldn’t have cultivated the skills I have now without them. How they approach business has shaped how I approach the world.