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To All The Boys Who've Ghosted Me

The first time I watched TATBILB it was a Friday night and I was home alone. I had been dating someone at the time and we were getting to the point where things were going to either progress or fizzle out. I wasn’t sure which way they were leaning but I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t going to like it. That Sunday he came over, we hung out, he left to go to the grocery store and would text me later. Except he didn’t. NBD, life gets busy. I shot him a text Monday night after my class. Nothing. Ok….that seems odd but he had an early flight the next day, it’s probably fine. But then there was nothing on Tuesday. On Wednesday. Thursday I gave in, I reach out again. No response. Ghosted.

The End of Break Up Wine?

We had joked about actually drinking it before but this time he was serious. And I had no idea what to do. Usually cracking open a bottle of wine on a Friday night isn’t even a question, especially when my guest brings a replacement bottle or two. This time I was freaking out and I didn’t know why.

Breakup Wine

He shows up with wine and flowers, we missed Valentine’s Day and he wanted to do something. It’s sweet, it eases my concerns. We hangout for a bit and then he says it.


“I wish your intuition wasn’t so good.”


And just like that everything gets fuzzy.

Everything I Need To Know About Dating I Learned From New Girl

I think I went on 14 first dates in September, FOURTEEN FIRST DATES. That is a h*ck ton of energy. Some of them were great and lead to second dates, some of them were good but didn’t really go anywhere, I was ghosted twice* (one I was meh about, one I was moderately mopey about), one I’m not 100% sure what is happening to this day, and only two were straight up bad.