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Still Living Local

Still Living Local

We’re almost halfway through my month long Live Local challenge and I have some thoughts. And because this is my blog I will share them with you.

  1. I still don’t know exactly what this challenge is or where it’s going. And that’s ok.

  2. I really want a Diet Coke from McDonald’s. Don’t @ me.

  3. I miss the random “I’m running late and need a quick lunch” burrito bowl.

  4. I am spending more mindfully and considering where I go as well as what I buy

  5. I’ve been suuuuuuuuuper busy and haven’t had the opportunity to explore a lot of new places. I want to do that.

Here are some highlights of where I’ve been:

  • Nara - I love a good bento box and I love a good lunch club. For every ten lunch menu items you purchase at Nara you get one free. It’s my sushi lunch treat and is a great place to read my rotating book selection while I wait.

  • Soft Studios - Taking my spending away from Lulu and Beyond Yoga is a scary thought. But the incredible Nicole Leth at Soft Studios has a line of yoga clothes that are fun, funky, and flattering. I bought a full outfit for less than the cost of one pair of Lululemon pants and I had SO MANY compliments. It felt amazing (I also layered with a Namastamy tank).

  • Mud Pie - There is something especially cozy about this little house/coffee shop/bakery that I can’t resist. I love their Dirty South (chicory coffee with almond milk) and vegan smore’s treats.  

  • Knots and Rows - This totally counts even though I haven’t purchased yet. Jona from Knots & Rows sat down with me to teach me how to knit and she is SO passionate about it. It’s wonderful to love something so much you just want to share it with people and help them love it too. When I’m ready for new yarn, I’m buying from Knots & Rows.

  • Waldo Thai - Funny, irreverent, and inventive are usually words used for comedians, not restaurants but if the shoe fits. Waldo Thai is doing Thai their way. Yes, you can still get Pad Thai but why when they have a stuffed chicken wing (ORDER IT NOW) or a dish so deliciously spicy you need a two orders of rice to get through it. Oh, and did I mention their drink menu features ingredients found in their dishes? Check. Them. Out. and hear their story on Open Belly, which definitely didn’t make me cry.

  • Mesob - I’m lucky to have friends who are as passionate about local food as I am. When Steph suggested Mesob for a happy hour I was excited to try a new place and HOLY MOLY the drinks are delicious (and strong). I also sampled the fried conch and am in love with their dipping sauces. I’m more than ready to go back for a full meal.

  • Ca Va - from the day it opened, Ca Va has had a special place in my heart and budget. Not only are their drinks phenomenal, atmosphere cozy, and staff incredibly knowledgeable...they are strong advocates for bettering the city. GM Caitlin Cocoran is an advocate and user of public transit and one of the first places to do MOCSA training for their staff. I am 100% a fan girl and the bomb drinks + fries + dessert are only part of the reason. Not a champagne drinker? No problem, their rotating cocktail menu *never* disappoints.

  • Krokstrom - There is just something wonderful about sharing a lot of little bites with really good friends. Krokstrom is one of my favorite places for this. The best part of dining with a group? You can get three desserts because you’re only going to have a few bites of each. My perfect meal at Krokstrom: smorgasbord (this rotates but is always meat, cheese, fish, and pickled things), the mushroom strudel, a prinsesstårta (which was totally on GBBS), and a Viking Funeral to drink (smoky drinks are my jam).

  • Mildred’s - I’m always happy when I have a meeting downtown and get to suggest Mildred’s as the location. Their new space added square footage without sacrificing their ability to connect with customers. The bar has outlets *and* purse hooks which is a little thing but so considerate. I love their quiche selection and butter cake when I’m ready to indulge but the almond latte is a my go to drink.

  • Baramee Thai - I’ve been patiently waiting for Baramee to open in the Crossroads as my schedule has me downtown most of Monday afternoon. The Pad Se Ew, which is what I base almost all Thai opinions on, was just the right ratio of noodles to chicken, the broccoli was the amount of charred that makes is extra delicious and the fresh mushrooms will never be an unwelcome addition for me. Solo diners are often relegated to the bar but Baramee asked if I had a preference and didn’t mind me taking a two top because my purse, obviously, needs a seat. The crab rangoon that accompanied my meal was the perfect size and my plate came adorned with a carrot flower which makes my heart happy. I’ll definitely have this in the #DreLunch rotation.

  • Boulevard Beer Hall - I will preface this with the fact that as long as I have tried, I think it’s fair to say I’m not really a beer drinker. However, Boulevard always makes me want a beer or four. I headed to the Beer Hall to hang for Bingo and Grace’s birthday. I did not know Bingo was such a ~thing~ at Boulevard. The place was packed and they have Beermosas (Tank 7 + Bubbles, look out) as well as Red Beers (KC Canning Co Bloody Mix + KC Pils) and their food is A+ (I always get the andouille pretzel dog).

That’s where I’ve been. What about you? Any fun places I should check out?

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Living Local

Living Local