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Let's Get Happy, KC!

Let's Get Happy, KC!

I get asked about places to eat in KC fairly frequently and I’m always ready for a recommendation for any neighborhood or occasion. Nothing makes me happier than sending someone to one of my favorite places and hearing they loved it. I wanted to share a few with you starting with Happy Hour! My girlfriends and I love cheese, small plates, discounted drinks, and quality time together which is perfectly suited for HH. Looking for a little post work relaxation? Here’s where I recommend:

Westport Cafe & Bar

  • Why I love it - WCB has been a Happy Hour go to for years. Their quiet French inspired ambience is perfect for catching up with friends. Their seasonal menu never disappointed but their core items are worth revisiting again and again.

  • What to eat - Get the cheese plate, always. The Spring Pea Ravioli is light, fresh, and satisfying. Want a little more? Go for the curry mussels.

  • What to drink - Any of the wines and beers on special won’t disappoint but I frequently go off the Happy Hour special for a Pimm’s Cup or champagne cocktail.


  • Why I love it - Bluestem is known as one of THE fine dining establishments in Kansas City, we’re talking James Beard nominations here. Usually that kind of food and recognition means it isn’t exactly easy on the wallet. Enter Happy Hour at the Bluestem Bar. Same amazing food, much friendlier price.

  • What to eat - Get a cheese plate, always. The crab pasta is a favorite of mine, simple ingredients mean the crab shines through. Also, get a dessert. It will be edible art. You’ll *almost* feel bad eating it.

  • What to drink - Ask for a wine recommendation. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and you will end up with something you absolutely love.  


  • Why I love it - Farmhouse is a neighborhood treasure, on a nice night you can sit on the patio. They source local ingredients and highlight the best in the area. Always inventive, always delicious.

  • What to eat - Get a cheese plate, always. You see a theme here? GET. A. CHEESE. PLATE. Add an order of fries, great for sharing. When they have oysters...do that too. You won’t be sorry.

  • What to drink - The menu rotates seasonally, ask your server what they love.


  • Why I love it - Yes, it’s a chain. I have no regrets. The Bristol HH is hard to beat in terms of value and shareable snacks.

  • What to eat - Oysters. The $1 Shuck is hard to beat. You can get a variety of different oysters without committing to a full or half dozen. The Smoked Salmon Flatbread, Lobster Roll, and Tuna Tartare are personal favorites and great to share.

  • What to drink - Get a Porthole Infusion Cocktail, to share with a friend. If you go on Sunday bottles of wine are 50% off (under $100)...just sayin a little Sunday Funday never hurt anyone.


  • Why I love it - You really think there wasn’t going to be a Mexican stop on this list? Please.

  • What to eat - The chorizo fundido; spicy sausage, melty cheese, warm tortillas...I’m fairly sure there is nothing better in this world. Nachos. Always nachos. Maybe a chicken tinga taco if you’re feeling something you don’t want to share.

  • What to drink - Red Sangria or a margarita but just one. Ok, maybe two.



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