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Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome.

A simple idea, but also one of those things that is so simple I needed someone to tell me it’s true. In 2015 I was introduced to an event that helped me embrace this idea, CreativeMornings.

Today the Kansas City chapter celebrated its 5th birthday and I want to share with you some of my favorite talks.

  • Brian Jones on Time, because it was my first event (you always remember your first) and CATS SHOOTING LASERS.

  • John January on Language, because words are my passion and I have a deep professional admiration for John.

  • Celina Tio on Risk, this was just as Drew and I were starting to discuss opening our own business. Hearing a passionate, driven woman talk about her experience helped me fuel that fire in myself.

  • Calvin Arsenia on Sound, because it’s just magical.

  • Ryan Maybee on Moments, because the perspective is lovely and Ryan’s vision/passion should be heard.

  • Bonwing Lee on Craft, because sometimes we need to be reminded to understand and speak our value.

  • Rob Schamberger on Chaos, because Rob is Rob and his passion for wrestling, his cats, and his wife warm my heart.

Some people have pump up songs, I go look for old CM talks. When I need a boost I can hunt for quotes, ideas, articles through the CM network. It is my B12.

My creativity is something I denied for a long time because I assumed I wasn’t good enough or creative enough to be successful. CreativeMornings showed me that this idea has no mold, EVERYONE is creative. This series inspired me to step out of my safety net in the corporate world, to explore my passions, to explore and share my creativity. Plus, there’s free coffee.

Still Living Local

Still Living Local