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Living Local

I’m working on being more mindful with my money...because I teach yoga and own my own business but also, being more mindful with my money is part of my path to living more mindfully. I started really considering this shift when a business I enjoy posted they needed help to stay open. It’s one of those places I enjoy but don’t frequent for a million little excuses. In that one post the stark reality of what happens when we don’t support the businesses we enjoy hit me hard. I don’t want small businesses to go away. The number of chain restaurants and stores we have isn’t what determines the character of this city, the families who love what they do so much that they put it out for the world to experience are how I want my city defined.

Caffeinate Me.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m usually tired. I subsist on a steady diet of coffee and stress, but, because I’m fancy I only have the finest of both*. I spend a lot of my time in coffee shops to read, to write, to be around other humans so I don’t become a weird recluse. Each place serves a different purpose for me, and for are my favorites...

Enough, Already

The discussion started with the question, “what are women worth?” and the answers ranged from power, life, love, but the one that suck with me is that we are worth the fullest expression of ourselves, today, right now. We so often put off goals, ideas, efforts, activities, for when we’re a more ideal version of ourselves, when we lose ten pounds, when we have more time, when we think we’re more prepared rather than embracing that we can shape the world we want by embracing our inherent worth. Coming from a place of love and acceptance we make our future efforts more powerful, more impactful, more purposeful.

Thank you, Neal

I wrote this while seated at a table in Loose Park, where they sketched out the idea that would change the lives of so many. It’s eighteen days shy of the one year anniversary of a meeting I had like theirs. Where I sat at a table, knowing that an industry I’m passionate about has room to change, believing I could be part of the solution. I never would have believed Mind + Matter was possible without them, I wouldn’t have cultivated the skills I have now without them. How they approach business has shaped how I approach the world.

Let's Get Local

I’m passionate about my hometown. Which I may or may not have made clear. Supporting local businesses is close to my heart because it helps Kansas City grow and evolve. Beyond the economic reasons, I want to create relationships with people and places. I love that there are two or three coffee shops I can walk into and they know what I’m going to order or recommend something new I might like. I make a point to explore my home, experience new things, and share my favorites.

Let's Get Happy, KC!

Nothing makes me happier than sending someone to one of my favorite places and hearing they loved it. I wanted to share a few with you starting with Happy Hour! My girlfriends and I love cheese, small plates, discounted drinks, and quality time together which is perfectly suited for HH. Looking for a little post work relaxation? Here’s where I recommend.