Malas are strings of beads used to enhance a meditation practice. Each strand of 108 beads is set with an intention and helps the practitioner count breaths or mantras during a meditation session. 



This blend of Jade and Lapiz Azuli brings serenity, a deep sense of peace, helps balance the throat chakra, and encourages creative potential. Jade is protective while Lapiz Azuli helps communication and self-awareness.



Matte Green Aventurine promotes builds harmony with the earth as well as within ourselves. It helps us through times of transition toward our best lives. The Hamsa addition brings happiness, luck, and good fortune.



An abundance mala comprised of onyx, lava rock, jade, green aventurine, and crystal quartz. Crafted to help the wearer find stability, inner strength, and, ultimately, clarity during times of transition.

All malas are $60. Don't see a mala that speaks to you? Request a custom mala.