It is utterly clear to me that I do NOT have my shit together. Though many people tell me I do, I assure you, I do not. It isn’t even close to together. My shit is so not together that a backpack or a carry-on wouldn’t be sufficient to get it together. I would need one of those POD moving things for my shit at this point.

But I'm So Small

But just like Piglet, many of the challenges we face are obstacles we put in our own way. What better opportunity to practice Hurdler’s pose?

Nothing is done...

Even in yoga, a place we go to slow down, we’re enchanted by muscling our way into the big, bold, Instagrammable poses. In last week’s class I wanted to focus on doing less, on just being in a space, even when it’s difficult.


So what’s this whole thing about? Other than the little humble brag represented by the previous paragraph...I’m in the midst of a much bigger jump than those orange weights. One year ago, from July, 28th to be exact, Namasdre and I said the initial “yes” on creating Mind + Matter. Mind + Matter is a marketing studio based around the same principles we’ve committed to building my our lives around. It’s about personal health and well being, being mindful in crafting words that matter, and most importantly helping other local businesses not just promote to their products or services, but find genuine connections with people in our community.

Pursuit of Appiness

I realize you are very likely reading this because you saw it on Facebook or via Twitter (thanks for clicking through, btw) and I, clearly, love social media. I love it enough to make a career out of it. Maybe you do too, or maybe you realize it’s increasingly part of how we communicate and its use seems inevitable. So what do you do when your social media activity seems to be impacting your mood?

Heart Up

Camel pose, Ustrasana, is one of the poses that I struggle through. My body resists it and my brain really resists it. I blame some scarring Bikram experiences and near pass-outs. However, the idea of creating a firm base and offering up my heart is something I need to feel both in my practice and in my life.

Thank you, Neal

I wrote this while seated at a table in Loose Park, where they sketched out the idea that would change the lives of so many. It’s eighteen days shy of the one year anniversary of a meeting I had like theirs. Where I sat at a table, knowing that an industry I’m passionate about has room to change, believing I could be part of the solution. I never would have believed Mind + Matter was possible without them, I wouldn’t have cultivated the skills I have now without them. How they approach business has shaped how I approach the world.

Paradise Found

Last week we worked on Bird of Paradise. This pose is all about finding your center of balance, opening your hamstrings, and lifting your heart.

Wait. What?

Upon arriving one of the first things my gracious host said to me was, “you need to quit your job.” Um, again...WHAT? How do people keep dropping these bombs as casually as they’re saying, “it’s sunny today,” like it is the clearest, most obvious statement in the world?

My Anxiety Is A Gift?

The constant brace for disaster hasn’t made me more aware of life; it’s made me tired, it’s given me wrinkles in my forehead from having my brow constantly furrowed, in so many ways it has fundamentally altered how I live my life. And it isn’t for the better. Even in situations where everything is fine one tiny change, one small pebbled dropped in the water, can ripple into a tidal wave of anxiety that consumes me. I don’t feel like that makes my life richer. But if my anxiety is a gift...I’d rather get a gift card.

I'm Not Ok

...Some days are good, some are great, some are not so great. If people ask how I am I still say “great” or “fine.”

The truth is, I’m not great, I’m not fine, a lot of the time I’m not even ok.

The Year of Realizing Stuff

Kylie Jenner has received a lot of criticism for declaring 2016 the “year of realizing stuff.” And, while probably not the most eloquent description, she wasn’t wrong. I spent a lot of 2016 realizing stuff. While this isn’t quite a end of year highlight reel here are a few of the big things I realized...

A More Meaning Full Path Forward

It’s likely apparent by the lack of posting that there’s a lot happening in Namasdre land. While moving forward, being busy, is good but it’s nice to have time to reset, reconnect, and recharge. As luck, or the universe, would have it Christen Bakken hosted an October retreat to focus on those exact ideas. 

Do Your Work

I’m not a runner. I don’t breathe from my diaphragm, I don’t land my steps correctly, my stride is tiny, I don’t get a runner’s high. I’m not a runner. And yet, for some odd reason I decided I would run a half marathon this year.  Was it a good idea? Probably not. How did I get through it? With the help of Spotify, a couple of good friends, Christen Bakken, and John Cena.

Building from the Ground Up

Hi, it’s me, Drea. It’s been more than a hot minute and I’m sorry. It would be an understatement to say things got a little hectic here the last few months. But, at the end of the day that’s just an excuse. I haven’t been making time for this, for me. 

True North

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I worried so much about what was expected of me, what other people wanted, and put their needs above mine that I never took the time to find my own path. Finding and facing my true north became my mantra, I also knew that my path might take me away from relationships with people and things and that’s ok because my people and my things would stay connected when I found my path.